....regardless of whether art for private individuals, for companies, institutions, offices, practices, hotels or wellness:
For more than 25 years, we have seen space as a TOTAL WORK OF ART to be designed. 
As an architecture of design and art in harmonious harmony. 
The focus of every project is always on perfect aesthetics, inspiration paired with individuality and creativity, which is different for each individual. 

The team of contact to design - MÜNCH Furniture Design advises and accompanies you in choosing the right art - design room concept.
Whether as an exclusive, harmonious living space for private and family living,
in everyday working life, in the commercial sector and as a prestige or communication element or as an increase in the value of your property, which you would like to enhance with art / design.


MÜNCH Furniture Design - Customised furniture and furniture collections - design & art in symbiosis 

"Putting myself in the shoes of a third person, recognising and matching their taste and style is a task I set myself with every new customer order. In other words, I spend a lot of time familiarising myself with my counterpart. I look forward to getting to know you."

NICOLE DOTH - Artist_Designer_Master Carpenter


We would also be happy to plan an exclusive event for you as part of a presentation of your property for sales purposes.

The room as a symbol for your everyday life. 
We believe that only by getting to know each other can we find out exactly what your needs and wishes are. 
Let's recognise how your own living space should be "designed" so that you can find yourself in it and feel comfortable. Our cooperation is based on mutual trust and appreciation for each other.

We are happy to engage in this dialogue with you:
at individual art design events, vernissages, excursions, during joint visits to a selected art fair, at an exhibition in one of our exclusive partner galleries, during a direct "artist talk" with the artist on site in his studio or 
We arrange an exquisite art meeting at an "Art Dinner"/"Salon Talk" especially for you and your guests. 

Discover individual art design experiences in a new ART and way. 
There are many ways to get in touch with us. The easiest and quickest is the initial contact by phone or email.

YOU ARE: Artist/designer/creative, ART DESIGN LOVER, interested person or someone who loves the special...
...looking for like-minded people for a common exchange and/or you need "ART FOR THE HEART"


We organise exhibitions/events on the subject of ART & DESIGN - we would like to invite you to join us. Among other things, we present exciting works by up-and-coming creatives on the market, our format: "SECRET ART". Let us surprise you.



The promotion of "young" artists/designers/creatives is close to our hearts. Combined with charity events and the awarding of prizes, we want to motivate and connect artists! We are also the initiator and founder of the charity initiative:

be pART of it

Become part of our network and the community of interest - we look forward to your visit and to hearing from you.

If you would like to join our select circle - UNIQUE CIRCLE - LET`S TALK!


Please ask for your personalised individual pieces from the "DOTH COLLECTION". All art objects are individually and uniquely customisable to your needs. They are personally made and signed by Nicole Doth!

Here, for example, aluminium dibond photographs: Art photography_sculpture "mirror, mirror on the... throne" 

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